Phone troubles

I bought my new cell, Nokia C5 03,  this spring, under impression it’s a modern phone, and was very happy how I won’t have to deletedeletedelete my text messages and photos all the time, because it’s a new phone and I’ll have more space.

Yeah riiiiiiiiiight. Every few weeks, it starts saying how there is not enough space on my C disk and I need to delete things; but I can’t even access things to delete it! And I have nothing more to delete!! I thought there is something wrong with me, but I googled it and discovered I am not alone. On the official Nokia forum, they call it “unfortunate issue”.

The only way I know to delete is to plug it into my computer and delete stuff that way; in menu and stuff, there is no “delete” options – it is for some things,but not for most! Like, I downloaded 3 “skins”, and there is no way I can find them, because I only use one and would like to delete other two.

Today, I deleted something called “cities”, it made a huge difference. I right-clicked it and checked “properties” and I have like 75% more space now. I just hope I didn’t delete anything major!! If it’s just the GPS thingy, I can live without it.

Anyhow, this phone obviously has an issue with it!!


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