Testing a recipe; fruit bread!

(Belive it or not, this is actually a part two of last weeks post! I am fulfilling my promise!!))

Surprisingly, there was not a lot of gluten free fruit bread recipes around. I finally decided on this one, by Gluten free girl.

I modified it a bit intentionally, and because I forgot to include starch, even more unintentionally!

Here is what I used;

500 g of flour (( it was 400 at first, but I didn’t read the recipe through at first and forgot that one third of the flour was supposed to be starch. So i used about 50 grams of buckwheat, 100 grams of soya,  60 of corn flour, and the rest rice and millet flour; than 100 grams of starch to try to salvage the recipe; because of that, I added a little bit more of everything else in the recipe!)

3ts sugar

1 package of dry yeast (said on the foil that is enough for 500g of flour)

1,1/2 ts of xanthan gum

1ts of gran massala because we don’t have cardamom (next time, I’ll just use cinnamon and cloves, because masala  gives it too much of a hot kick)

I mixed all of this but yeast; I added the yeast just before I mixed it with liquids, because I didn’t want it to react before it had liquids.

I chopped about 300g of dried fruit; I used dates, figs, prunes and apricots. Next time,  won’t spend that much time chopping them up thinly! They somehow get lost in the bread when it’s baked, I will chop them to bigger pieces next time. I poured  about 300g of warm water in the bowl and let the fruit sit in there untill I prepared all the other ingredients, and I used that water later for the bread, to keep as much flavour as I could.

Also, even before the fruit  chopping, I measured one cup of milk, and squeezed about half a lemon in there, to let it curdle – because the recipe asks for buttermilk powder, and we don’t have that here.

3 eggs,

4+ 1/2 ts oil (I used sunflower because that is what I had )

1+ 1/2 ts apple cider vinegar

Mixed liquids together, and flours and yeast and sugar, than mix it all together. Add the chopped fruit, and leave about two handfuls for later. I poured it into a cake model, and put it in the oven for it to rise for one hour; I let it warm on 30celsius half way through, to help it rise. Than I put it on 150, because we have ventilation oven and if I out it too high, it burns. I baked it for hour.


It rose nicely, and it tastes nice! But it is a little dry because my fruit is too small, I think, so I smear a little jam over it when  eat it. Enjoy!



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