I am actually going to uni tomorrow. For literature AND to talk to a professor!!!

I made a list of what I need, I am hoping I have enough money to buy the tickets there and back, and for all the copies, and I am going to treat myself to a calendar, because I need something not threatening.

I am actually feeling more exciting than scared! Because I am going to a big city, AND after over what, 2, 3 years, I am moving my ass in uni direction!!! Ok I am totally freaking out.

Breath, gb. You are just going  on a bus, to uni, make copies, nobody is going to eat you, that you walk around the city center, go and meet the professor, ask him what you need to ask, and go home. Nice and simple. Can’t be simpler!

Ok, I still need to through it in writing;

Charge the phone, update audio book

What will you wear? Oh! I’ll wear my new dress, it will make me feel confident-er!!

ATM, money


Go to uni to make copies

text friends for coffee?

calendar & tea

talk with professor

“hitchhike” home


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