Great news!!

I PASSED! ! ! !! ! ! ! ! I PASSED MY EXAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!


After what, over 3 years?? I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy!!!


leading up to exam, I got horrendous migraine that wouldn’t go away, my bro borrowed my glasses and I see without them, but I am so used to them and I feel I’ll get a headache if I don’t use them so I did anything but study…I fell of the bed, seen the whole season of the revenge, and overall tried to be better. I did study daily, but not nearly enough. What saved me at the exam was my ability to remember the stupidest details – the professor wanted to hear something else, I know, but I kept blurting out obscure facts that I could only read in required literature, so he would know for sure I read it…I am still so happy!! my friend got cold feet and didn’t come, and he can be sorry, because this professor has a great way of asking questions – he asks a question that covers a large area,  so you can answer and show what you know best…and than asks more questions to dug deeper if needed.


Anyhow, my trip to Big city was succesful, I only need to break my habit of not-consuming food if I am away for such a long time, eating nothing between 6.30 and 5.30 is not good. I even had time to buy tea!


And we have snow! I am one happy girl 🙂


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