Well, not fatally – I have wounds in my moth. Or are they called sores?

No idea what happened, but a few spots suddenly appeared three days ago, and even though this things usually heal overnight, mine didn’t. Totally my fault – I wore my retainer! In the morning, when I took it off, it was like it glued itself to my gums and mouth, and it was even worse! It felt like I tore of tiny pieces as I took it of! It hurt! That is why I haven’t worn it for the past two nights, in hopes it will heal. But before I go to bed tonight, I’ll do the salt water rinse, I remember it helped with sores when I still had my braces *smiles fondly* (Have I told you my friend sent me a framed photo of us , and it’s just huge smiles headshot, and I still had braces, and it hangs right here on my wall, and I just love it :)…Speaking of this, I think around this time was the time I got braces!! Holly crap, two years ago!! *goes checking*It was the 27th! I’ll make  a post about being debraced for sure, because I was thinking how I never post about teeth anymore, and how I really should shortly…I will!


Anyhow, I just hope my sores get better, because they frikking hurt, and I want to eat an orange! (Can’t because it stings 😦 )


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