Hated the plot, read it in one gulp till 1.30 in the morning

First of all, awful, awful first chapter. Listen to this; he, a famous hunk athlete, sees her, an event planner and a single mom, at a party. The conversation; so, you planed a nice event; thank you; you are famous and I can always see you with models on dates, I know you are not really interested in me, I am such a hag compare to them, you can go now; but no, they are all superficial and self-centered, I would much rather have a meaningful conversation, just like we are having now.
And so on.
After they have banging sex for months, after he introduces her to his family, she still expects him to dump her any second “because we don’t have a relationship, just sex”. And she sees him at an event with another movie star, and already starts thinking sure, I am nothing to him, just somebody I had sex with for months”, and not “he told me repeatedly this is a part of his job and his agent is tough and makes him appear a player”. And than he is not so sure, and then she is not so sure….it draaaaaags foreveeeer….But I still couldn’t stop and go to sleep and continue in the morning. I had to finish it. And was even more happy when I saw that the second book si about his agent, I expect more from them, this heroine was a little wilty imho…


(Oh oh. Didn’t write down the title or the author, and this was written weeks ago. Sorry!!!!!!!!! I did read the second book, liked it better! ))


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