Good romantic suspence!!

I came across this books by chance, it’s a trilogy, and I have no idea what it is when I started reading. Turns out it’s a trilogy of sorts, and I really liked the first book!! It made me think what was bothering me a little with Jaci Burton; while she has a lot of sex scenes, there was just not as much emotional stuff as it was here.

It’s Allison Brennan, she calls it romantic thrillers.

The Prey; Rowan and John; It’s about an FBI agent turned writer, and a murderer acting out scenes from her books, and an ex-delta & DEA agent turned bodyguard.

The hunt (Book 2) & The kill (book 3).

Again, this is a review written weeks after originally read.

But I know that the only thing that bothered me was that the heroines were way too traumatized, went through kidnappings, their close friends get killed…I like butterflies and rainbow worlds, that is too real for me! But other than that, good!


My garden woke up!

I tackled our compost; I spread the humus around on the garden the day before, so it lay in the sun and dried by the time the man came with the “plow” thingy and turned the soil around. It all got mixed together nicely, so I hope the soil got fed, LOL. I had enough to also spread it around on our flower beds, my herb garden and between the raspberry bushes. My back is still killing me, because humus is wet and heavy, but hopefully it’s all worth it!

I “planted” little lettuce babies that my mom got from a friend, onions (soaked them in water for a few hours beforehand), carrots (I planted the onions in between the carrots, I remember reading that the two of them should be planted together, and it worked last year!) and can’t find the translation, sorry – a different sort of lettuce.


I also planted the flowers that I had to grow inside in pots over winter, because they only live for a year, than you have to snip the tops, plant them, hope they live through winter – 3 of mine survived, I planted about 10!


Let’s cross the fingers everything grows nicely!!


I PASSED! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Yeeeey!!! I already put the books in the drawer

I had to cut my nails all the way down because they were in shambles

I dyed my hair last week.

I have 48kilos.

Spring is here!

I got a bunch of audio books from a friend, heaven!

I read /listened to a bunch of books, MUST write reviews, otherwise I forget the titles and authors!

I started zumba! Nearly passed out the first two times, but 3rd time was great!


I’m so incompetent…

I’ll never pass my exam tomorrow, I’ve never even gotten through the material, much less memorized it…

I’ve been feeling shaky and nauseous all day, could barely eat lunch…my head is pounding….I’m on the verge of tears,….maybe I should just have a good cry, go sit out in the sun for a few minutes to concentrate, than o through my material. Than just try to memorized the focus points, instead of agonizing how it’s so stupid and how I’ll never learn all of it…

Ok, I’ll do that now.

– – – –

Update; Well, I went ut to clear my head, I brushed the dog because she came to cuddle and it can’t hurt that she is brushed…

I finished the book (the important part…


I’ve found and secured my ride tomorrow (big relief)…

I’ve yet to have any knowledge about stupid space system in my head.

I think i should just go to Wikipedia and find a summary so I’ll at least have some overview on the subject….

Ok, I’ll go do that now.



I have another exam coming up this thursday. I hate the subject. I don’t understand it, and I don’t want to understand it. I haven’t really studied yet.

BUT I canceled going to cheer “my” kid because it’s 2 days before exam, and the location sucks, it would take me the whole day…So I feel guilty as hell. I’m actually going, with my mom – it would take me the whole day if I used public transport…So I don’t feel as guilty anymore. I just hate the subject of my exam every second I am reading it!

For not studying,  for not going – it’s really not just laziness, there are several other factors)…But strangely, I have no fear from thursday. It’s an oral exam, again, and that si more stressful for me  – you are hidden in written exams, but with oral, you sit there, staring at him, mumbling. I like the professor, maybe that is the thing, I am not afraid of him, even though he is weird.

So I need a plan. I think that if I read a few hours ever day, I can go through…No idea how to drill the stupid titles and stupidest dates into my head….I have postponed learning this for years!! Years and years…

So. I’ll read the part of the book my professor wrote, I started that, I am whooping 3 pages in. Than I’ll go through my shortest notes, to get the most important stuff. Than I’ll write down biographies and titles and dates by the important dudes. And that will be something I’ll feel happy with. And I need to read at least a few chapters of the books, too!

Ok, first – book 1!


– – – – – – – – – –


Oh for the love of ___________…

I am going through my old notes, and I have made them all before. I have written down all the WTF?????? next to the planetary theories. I have connected everybody who was in contact. I have drawn smiley faces next to all the anecdotes. Written “more about this on page XY”. Highlighted all that needs to be highlighted, more than once. Yet I don’t remember any of the facts. And I still don’t know which theory proved to be the right one.


Coconut cookies

Recipe from here.

I used this ingridiences;

3 cups gluten-free flour.
2 cups sugar (I used one)
1 cup melted butter
2 tablespoons orange zest
1 ½ teaspoon vanilla extract (check for gluten-free) (I didn’t)
1 ½ cups dried cranberries (I used 2 chopped apples instead)
1 cup unsweetened coconut flakes
2 teaspoons cinnamon
1 egg
Pinch of salt

I had some troubles baking this. First batch didn’t bake through, I baked it at 150C for 20 minutes. The second, I baked it at 150 at first, than turn on the ventilation oven for the next ten minutes, and that was successful.


My second try yesterday, I baked at 160 for 15 minutes on normal, than for a few minutes on ventilation. Next time, I’ll just try 175 C normal – no ventilation, that is much “stronger”!

Also, the second batch, I rolled them in ball shapes and flattened them like the last time, but this time, i formed a little hole in the middle of each one – had to repeat that about 10 minutes before I took them out – and filled them with jam as soon as I took them out, when they were still hot. I think I remember my grannie telling you have to fill the jam when the cookies are still hot.  Even my mom said these are great!!


Also – After you take it out of the refrigerator, the batter is cold and hard. I mixed apples in again, and it’s a mess – the juices from the apple, the hard unyielding dough – but if you are not too keen on details, such as uniform shapes and such, it will turn out ok 🙂

All I need is a boyfriend…

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