I’m so incompetent…

I’ll never pass my exam tomorrow, I’ve never even gotten through the material, much less memorized it…

I’ve been feeling shaky and nauseous all day, could barely eat lunch…my head is pounding….I’m on the verge of tears,….maybe I should just have a good cry, go sit out in the sun for a few minutes to concentrate, than o through my material. Than just try to memorized the focus points, instead of agonizing how it’s so stupid and how I’ll never learn all of it…

Ok, I’ll do that now.

– – – –

Update; Well, I went ut to clear my head, I brushed the dog because she came to cuddle and it can’t hurt that she is brushed…

I finished the book (the important part…


I’ve found and secured my ride tomorrow (big relief)…

I’ve yet to have any knowledge about stupid space system in my head.

I think i should just go to Wikipedia and find a summary so I’ll at least have some overview on the subject….

Ok, I’ll go do that now.



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