My garden woke up!

I tackled our compost; I spread the humus around on the garden the day before, so it lay in the sun and dried by the time the man came with the “plow” thingy and turned the soil around. It all got mixed together nicely, so I hope the soil got fed, LOL. I had enough to also spread it around on our flower beds, my herb garden and between the raspberry bushes. My back is still killing me, because humus is wet and heavy, but hopefully it’s all worth it!

I “planted” little lettuce babies that my mom got from a friend, onions (soaked them in water for a few hours beforehand), carrots (I planted the onions in between the carrots, I remember reading that the two of them should be planted together, and it worked last year!) and can’t find the translation, sorry – a different sort of lettuce.


I also planted the flowers that I had to grow inside in pots over winter, because they only live for a year, than you have to snip the tops, plant them, hope they live through winter – 3 of mine survived, I planted about 10!


Let’s cross the fingers everything grows nicely!!


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