Dandelion greens salad! Perfect spring dish!

I love this!!

All you need is dandelion greens (you pick them before they start blooming, don’t really know why, just the rule….)and oil and vinegar and salt for the vinaigrette.

My favourite is to add hard boiled egg and slices of cooked potato.

Another version is to mix it with pork rind. I had to go to wikipedia to find a name, and I much prefer the name  “pork cracklings”. Sounds just like it really is! . Anyhow, you heat up the cracklings and add them to the salad! Voila!

I’ll add something about the vinaigrette – the best combination is pumpkin oil and vinegar, if you can get your hands on it!

The dandelion tastes somewhat bitter, but it’s the taste, like radicchio, and it’s like ridiculously healthy.


(We got so much if it from a friend, that I am thinking of making dandelion pesto! We’ll see : 🙂


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