I got an interesting letter….

…where it says I am being considered for a job!


I have to go in friday – not knowing if that will be an interview, an explanation, a preparation for the interview… makes me nervous, but out of all options, it will be in my town, and something I am interested, feel competent at, and kinda in my studies field. I can hardly belive that I am excited and hopeful, and don’t feel dread and fear!


I am thinking if there will be other people there, if I’ll have to talk of them, explain my strengths (thankfully I can say something about it, not much and real experience, but something!) …Will I have to go to training somewhere, will my age and inexperience come into question, will the job be for few months only, will it mean salary, how high will the salary be (jumping ahead, I know), what will the hours be, will I be able to do it when it comes to it…


Two more sleeps and I’ll know more! Keep your fingers crossed!


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