Some lotions & potions reviews

I talked about some of these shortly I purchased them. After using them for a while, my opinions on some changed. I’ve seen in the search bar people reading up on them, so I though I need to share it.

Ubu stippling brush nr13 ; it sheds dreadfully. Talking 10 hairs on my face after one applications. Since I only own one flat foundation brush and this one, yet still prefer to use my fingers to apply foundation, I am not one to give review about it’s performance – but I do prefer it to the flat brush.

Catrice prime and fine loose powder: it dried my skin out to the point where it felt like a desert! I only use it in the area around and under my eyes, because there is where my makeup likes to slide right off. I would not recommend it for dry skin like mine. I use it because I still do not own a primer. (Never saw it in one of our stores, either ;( )

Catrice waterproof lashes to kill mascara – if you want just a little definition to your mascara, go for it. If you like them heavily applied, like me, don’t even look at it. I’ve tried all the tricks I know to revive this mascara; letting it rest (some mascaras get better with a few days/weeks time. Warming it up. Applying it in layers. Nope. It only has a little product on the brush, and it’s dry.

Garnier Fructis repair & shine, 3 oils  – olive, avocado and shea,  vs Herbal essences hello hydration moisture and shine with orchid & coconut extracts conditioner: herbal essence wins. Fructis striped my color of my hair quite aggressively, and since I once heard a good method to wash out a bad hair color is to apply the cheapest conditioners you can find because they will help strip it out, that is another point in the con column(The other being that my hair feels smoother after using h. essences.

Avon super shock eyeliner in golden fawn: the color is great, just subtle enough that it doesn’t look that I have much makeup on, yet it gives my eyes some help. But it has glitter. And that glitter gets around everywhere, especially if I am not wearing foundation. And after I use eye makeup remover, wash y face with face gel and water, and use eye makeup remover face, the glitter is still there the next day. But not because it’s s long staying, more because it gets stuck around.

Avon conditioning eye makeup remover lotion. BEST eyemakup remover ever.

Avon extra lasting liquid foundation vs Ideal flawless invisible cover foundation. Extra lasting wins big time. Ideal is not invisible at all, it finds all my imperfections and it creases in them. Lives my nose bare no matter how I apply it.  The only good thing about it is the pump, it gives just the right amount of product with one pump. Lasting gives me just the right coverage, doesn’t dry my skin, stays on forever, doesn’t flake…Love it! Both are in awful heavy glass bottles, though. /I am in shade ivory, and both match my winter skin perfectly, which is a gamble when choosing a shade over the catalogue or screen!

Olive oil vs coconut oil for hair; talking straight out of the bottle – olive makes my hair horsy (yes, horse like. Straw like, but not brittle, but hard. Yes, that is a description) and hard. I honestly didn’t notice any change in texture with coconut, but I do believe it helps…Just because. And it’ easier to use because it’s in solid form, and I can also spread it over my face and use it as a face mask.


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