Going to the Big City


I still need to shower & shave; do my nails; find the earrings and sunglasses, charge the phone. I’ve decided what I’m going to wear (when you are like me and you don’t go out into the world much, you have fun with this things) – my turquoise jeans, violet shirt, soft pink jacket, grey purse, black shoes and earrings. Make up won’t be matchy matchy two colored eyes like I’ve been doing lately, but bold pink lips instead. Yes, me, the queen of matchy matchy, and giving colorblocking thing a try.

I’ve arranged to see friends for drinks,  but otherwise, my plan is to; go to the library, the tea shop (and find some almond tea, maybe…one green and one black probably, I am not sure yet about much else) buy facial soap at Lush, se if they have a sale at the drug store that we don’t have in my town.


Thats it for now.

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