I cheated

I ate bread for lunch; I had a horse burger. And than I had a few cookies from teh party.


Now I am bloated and all kinds of weird things are happening in my tummy.


Honestly, I am glad, because I sometimes feel like I am not really gluten sensitive, and I start to think “why are you doing this to yourself??” . And than things like today happen and I think I am right.


I did suffer yesterday, while at the picnic, because of all the sweets. bread is not a problem, I had it with me, but the sweets…So, at least this little experiment showed that no gluten for me is the thing!


My first attempt at fried rice!

We have two bottles of soy sauce in the cupboards, and nobody is using them. So I googled “easy recipes with soy sauce” and came across this one.

Naturally, I changed it a bit, so my version of making fried rice looked like this:

After checking the fridge, I saw we only have zucchini and some dried corn on the vegetable side, and only one egg. So I quickly grabbed some corn and started cooking it, even though the correct was of cooking dried corn is to soak it for 2 hours and cook it for up to an hour…but I didn’t have that much time, so I just cooked it as long as possible.  Run over to the neighbours and borrowed an egg (love our neighbours!!). Made an omlette.

I washed and let the rice dry, than cooked that. Chopped some onion and zucchini (in ribbons, so it looks more authentic…kinda), heat up the wok, and threw onions, zucchini, rice, corn in.  Added soya sauce. Added the cut up omlette.

Was very afraid to try it, but it wasn’t half bad!! considering that the rice was a cheepo version, it even stayed nice and firm…Next stop is stir fry, but I need meat and more vegetables for that 🙂

p.s. I always have to check how to spell zucchini. Every singe time. my stupid spellcheck doesn’t know it, and I never remember.

Planting is weird this year

The weather is so jojo that I have been reluctant to plant things out of fear of frost…Today, I planted our balcony flours, the tomatoes out of the store and the ones that appeared on my garden – I am guessing they created them self from composting, two zucchinis – I’ll buy more, we eat a lot of them! Bell peppers, brussel sprouts and two more things that I brought from my grannie that I am not sure what they are 😦 I really need to put leeks in, I love to cook with them! My peas are out, but everyone else’s is twice higher, and only 2 (two!) beans came out. No biggie, more space for other things!

Cinderella…a review

Eloisa James: A kiss at midnight

I admit, after a first few paragraphs, I was sure this is yet another remake of the cinderella story, and almost quit.

It was, in a tiny way, but not so that it would bother me.

She has to pretend she is her sister so the uncle gives consent for her (the sister) to marry, But she has a sharp tounge and despite being otherwise described as quite tame, she lashes at the uncle – he prince – all the time.

Happy ending, naturally…Ok, likable and cute.

The wild asparagus – don’t be afraid of the smell!

My brother and dad went to the market at the seaside and brought some baby potatoes, corn (still figuring out  what the heck to do with corn??)  and a bundle of wild asparagus. I’ve cooked with normal, green asparagus before, but never with wild ones. First of all, they have a very distinctive smell. Than, they are two colored – green and purple-brownish. I was going to just cook them as a side dish, but thank god I called my friend who is from coastal region, and she told me “only you continental people can think of that”. LMAO. She said I have to put it together with something (eggs, rice, polenta) because it has a very strong taste and I have to blend it.  So I “toasted” it on some prosciutto, than added the slightly cooked baby potatoes, for about 10- 15 minutes. Devine!!

Crazy skin

Over the weekend, the skin on my face started acting crazy. it’s never perfect,there are always some blemishes and pores, but it’s manageable. But suddenly, I started having blemishes on the sides of my neck, the skin on my face was red and blotchy, and when I got a rash, I went to the pharmacy. After exploring what is available, I decided for Avene cold cream. It’s what was the most suitable (for dry and sensitive skin, soothing, …) and price was the lowest.

It created a miracle and after every application it was better, and in 3 days, it was calmed down. It’s very…not greasy, but sticky, it creates a real filter on your skin, you know, like baby creams, so it’s quite unpractical.  Everything sticks to your face, and if you accidentally touch it, you have sticky hands. I will use it for a week, than go back to my previous face moisturizer, and save this one for emergencies like this one.

New haircut

I used to go to hairdresser every 2 months,, now it’s been 6 months. Everything to get my bangs to grow out!


She just shaped my hair, nothing drastic or interesting…

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