Braces rock!

I know, I know, I haven’t been here all week…I’ve just been reading so much! And even though I don’t do real reviews, it was just too much bother to come here and write down about them…The most  do is to write down the author and the titles so I know what I’ve read, so I have it written down somewhere, otherwise I forget the names!

Anyhow, it was great at the orthos office last week! I always try to talk to other brace wearers. Before to get some tips and compare stories, now to tell my experience and to share my tips.

This time, I waited about two hours (my ortho is never on time)and I talked to lots of girls…I showed them my retainer, told them the brand of the toothpaste that doesn’t foam much so it’s great to have in your dental-purse- kit…I saw a great way of combining strong and elegant – half of the bracket is metal, and the other half white! How cool is that!

And some of them sighted how nice and hollywood like my teeth look, it’s out of the world strange to hear this about my teeth, but I guess its true 😉 *grinning like a fool, because it does feel sooooo good!!!!*

Anyhow, my ortho said everything looks perfect, and by the time my one year debracing anniversary rolls around, I should start slowly getting off retainer. That means skipping nights till I get to about one night per week. I should come again in september for another checkup. I have to say I am really happy that she is so throughout, it means I’ll have 4 checkup post debracing! And everything went fine!


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