Rhubarb crumble, 1st try

So. Crumbles are unknown here, but they look delicious. We have rhubarb in the garden, and I think it’s a fun fruit so I decided to bake with it.

I used this recipe; looks easy, right?

I used; 200g rhubarb, some water and sugar (I used too much water, so after I took the rhubarb out, I poured the remaining liquid in the glass, let it cool down, combined it with water and drank it.

100 grams of corn and rice flour, 30 grams of butter and 30 grams of sugar.

I used the smallest shallow dish that I found, put baking paper it, and transferred the rhubarb. Well, the dish was still too big for it, but I left it there. I covered the rhubarb with the flour+ sugar+ butter mixture, and put it in to bake. First, at 170 for half and hour. Nothing looked better, so I switched to ventilation, which is always stronger. Still nothing after 15 minutes, so I switched to grill/ broiler…and forgot about it. By the time I remembered, it was a little brown, but not at all how it was supposed to be after baking for over an hour.

After tasting it, I would say I could easily used a few more rhubarb stems so it would be less dry…and I think crumbling some butter on the top would do nicely.


So; I will try this again, with the adjustments I mentioned!


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