The wild asparagus – don’t be afraid of the smell!

My brother and dad went to the market at the seaside and brought some baby potatoes, corn (still figuring out  what the heck to do with corn??)  and a bundle of wild asparagus. I’ve cooked with normal, green asparagus before, but never with wild ones. First of all, they have a very distinctive smell. Than, they are two colored – green and purple-brownish. I was going to just cook them as a side dish, but thank god I called my friend who is from coastal region, and she told me “only you continental people can think of that”. LMAO. She said I have to put it together with something (eggs, rice, polenta) because it has a very strong taste and I have to blend it.  So I “toasted” it on some prosciutto, than added the slightly cooked baby potatoes, for about 10- 15 minutes. Devine!!


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