My first attempt at fried rice!

We have two bottles of soy sauce in the cupboards, and nobody is using them. So I googled “easy recipes with soy sauce” and came across this one.

Naturally, I changed it a bit, so my version of making fried rice looked like this:

After checking the fridge, I saw we only have zucchini and some dried corn on the vegetable side, and only one egg. So I quickly grabbed some corn and started cooking it, even though the correct was of cooking dried corn is to soak it for 2 hours and cook it for up to an hour…but I didn’t have that much time, so I just cooked it as long as possible.  Run over to the neighbours and borrowed an egg (love our neighbours!!). Made an omlette.

I washed and let the rice dry, than cooked that. Chopped some onion and zucchini (in ribbons, so it looks more authentic…kinda), heat up the wok, and threw onions, zucchini, rice, corn in.  Added soya sauce. Added the cut up omlette.

Was very afraid to try it, but it wasn’t half bad!! considering that the rice was a cheepo version, it even stayed nice and firm…Next stop is stir fry, but I need meat and more vegetables for that 🙂

p.s. I always have to check how to spell zucchini. Every singe time. my stupid spellcheck doesn’t know it, and I never remember.


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