Whitening strips diary

I’ve done it twice on separate occasion, but the other day I realised I have to do it day after day like a sort of treatment. (I used Crest 3D whitestrips)

I should say that my teeth were never white, ever since they came out they were yellowish in color, so besides them being crooked, I had double shame. I smoke half a pack a day and drink about 2 litters of black or green tea per day. Still, I am happy they are not stained – they were scrubbed very well by y ortho at debracing – but they are not white, either.

Day 1; I mess up the application on the lower teeth, so it keeps sliding around. I sound like sucking machine, because my saliva keeps building up and when I swallow, I have to be carefull to not suck on the strips and move them. My gums sting a little in the beginning, but that is all. No visible difference.

Day2; much better! I discovered the best way to endure this 30 minutes is to apply the strips, than shut your mouth, and just try to swallow without touching your front teeth or otherwise disturbing the strips. They stay in place, and you can swallow the saliva. (My previous “technique required me to have my mouth open, my lips peeled back, sucking my saliva and try to let the strips stay dry and in place. Very awkward!) .

Also, maybe it’s the light, but they seem whiter!

Day 3; forgot to do it during the day, so I did it just before I went to bed, so no brushing 🙂 I figured this way it will work on ym teeth all night -I removed the strips, but some sort of residue remains.

Day 4, 5 and 6: brake, no strips

Day 7; wore in it the afternoon, while putting away winter clothes and putting out summer clothes, yeeey! made the time go by much faster. Till using my “closed mouth, teeth clenched together technique”.

Day 8: forgot again. ((Why the beaks (every few days a day or two is ok, but I forget more than that. See, You are not allowed to brush before, so I can’t do it in the morning when walking the dog. Than, I smoke a lot, I can’t do it during that. In the afternoon, I eat most of the time, so I don’t want to do the strips than go eat immediately…And I don’t want to do it just before bed like day #3, because than i can’t wear my retainer all night.

Day 9; stiiiiiings my gums a lot at the beginning!

Day 10&11 break – because my upper gums hurt when I brush my teeth (the same area where it sings me when strips are applied) so I am giving them a break.

My last one – the day before the job thing: it stung, but at least I’m done!

– – – – – – – –

I wrote this two months ago, and it got hidden in drafts. What I’ll say is that iI do see a little difference, I do feel more confident, and if they would be available in my country I would do this…once a year, or once every 18 months. No matter if it’s not as strong as whitening in the dental office, it does affect your teeth, and I don’t want to get them sensitized on cold/hot/sweet or something like that!! ) But it’s not Hollywood white teeth over night.


I was perfect…

…but I don’t have a car.


99% sure I don’t get the job.

My second job interview

It’s tomorrow. First I have to go to the unemployment office, than to the interview – at least that’s how it went last time.

It’s about helping a turist guide – I know languages, so ok; , it’s near my town, fine; it’s about a monastery that I adore, great. The superiors/ bosses – either a girl I know from school or a very good family friend; crap. I don’t want to go in there and tell them I am Xy years old, zero experiences, no finished education…I am so ashamed….


But ok, I’ll go through it, I guess…my second problem is if the skirt I am planing on wearing is wearable on my bike.


Well…I’ll let you know.

Another Dane…avarage.

The first book in Petal series – Once and again.

Blah. It’s again a book where they have known each other before, hate those as you know. It’s a good story, but waaaay too much family crap, AGAIN, as with Chase brothers, hated that. So, it’s better than those books, but doesn’t come near her paranormals!!

A grim reaper worth reading!

Darynda Jones; the grim reaper trilogy (Charley Davidson 🙂  )

Even though it doesn’t “end” at the end any book, I usually don’t like that, I need ending on my books!! – the dialogs are awesome, the audio reader is awesomer, I don’t mind the cases (I am not that into suspense, usually) because it’s so awesome!!

So yeaaaah, can’t wait for the 4th one!!

GF food diary, day 1

Breakfast: two nectarines (I cut them in the bowl and in them piece by piece, I don’t feel hungry at breakfast so this feels better)

Cup of rooibos tea (sugared, off course .)

Lunch; soup with asparagus; minced meat with tomato sauce and potatoes; salad (lettuce, carrots, radish)

A few cups of water, not enough…

A cup of vanilla pudding with currant

Two pieces of something like a rhubarb pie; two croissants (NOT GF!! ) .

3 pieces of toast size GF bread with mayo, one piece of bologna on each, bell peppers and cheese on it.

I think I am done for today…

The brown siblings – the review

I’ve read first four books in this series (Laid bare, Coming undone, Inside out, Never enough) , by Lauren Dane and I found them MUCH better than the Chase series!!

On her web site, they are categorized as erotic romance, and they certainly are – but with a story! She tackles many different subjects, from family issued to three person households, to abuse and troubled past.

I most liked…well, all but the 3rd book. Oh so boring, and the troubles between the couple were so insignificant and blown out f proportion…Uhg.

Anyhow – highly recommended!!

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