What I want to say …

…but don’t have the right to.

You “don’t feel like ” doing anything.

You canceled the trip to the seaside, you don’t want to go to the summer house, now the dog won’t have her trip. So we have to do this.

We also have to drive 3 hours to go to the mountain top that we don’t want to, because, that you feel like doing and you bullied us into it. I almost hope it will rain and thunder and storm.

You’ve been doing nothing but lounge on the bed and read. You haven’t been away from house for more than an hour for a week.

I know you deserve it, but I feel like under a microscope. Yes, it’s my fault, but it doesn’t mean I like it any better!!


Just talk to eachother, puhleeeeze…a review

Nicola Cornick: Notorious.

They married  out of love,  spend a great night together, than she abandoned him. Now, 9 years later, their marriage is annulled and she is a gold digger. At least that is what he thinks.

She got scarred away by his mean aunt (I am guessing the story of that is in one of the previous books), realised she is pregnant, got kicked out by her relatives, lost the baby, and is now surviving with sort of legal sceaming.

When they meet again, the chemistry is obvious, the story is emotional, but if they would just have an honest conversation, the book would be over by chapter two. I know that is the point of the book, but I am not a fan (I’ve mentioned this a lot before, sorry!) of the “big mistake” plots.

Otherwise – passionate & emotional, I would read this author again – but check the plot first 🙂 (That is hard for me, because I don’t want to know too much, even tiny spoiler ruins it for me!).

Oh – and this is, I believe, the first ever RN where the hero and the heroine are in seemingly unsolvable situation. Both without $$, both have debts, both are responsible for other people…BIG, HUGE compliments on that!! Heroes can be on the gallows and I am not afraid for them, but here, i did not see a way out!

Technology is having fun with me & what’s been up

First, my cell died. I got it back, works fine now, but my hopes aren’t high that it’s really fixed.

Than my computer died. Like, just like that! I didn’t even get the chance to save anything!! I was bemoaning the loss of 7 years worth of pictures and all my books…The documents are mostly on my email, my way of saving them – but I really need to figure out a better way to store the pics!

Anyhow; I got the computer back, what was wrong was fixed, but the internet wasn’t working. I wasn’t overly worried, just thought it was a bad connection and went to the seaside for 5 days.

I had a lot of fun, heard tons of stories about relatives (I love that), swam, saw friends, great time!

When I came back and wanted to do stuff on the computer, it just wasn’t working; it wouldn’t connect to the internet, and the speakers weren’t working.

I blamed it on bad connection, than switched position of the computer so it was a better position in regards to the modem…Nothing. I was on my moms laptop, so I wasn’t completely cut of, but I wanted MY computer!! I asked my geek (in the best way possible) friends, and we discovered that my wireless card probably died. So i went and bought a wireless USB Key. Than, because he offered and I was afraid something else might be at fault, I waited for 3 more days for our neighbour to come by and fix it…Untill my uncle, another comp whizz, drove by and I hailed him. It took 3 minutes and now I am online again!!

naturally I rearranged my whole desk again, hoping I can place it the way it was, but sadly no, it has to be the new way…That meant rearranging everything around 3 times! After everything was in place, I tried googling something…and discovered my keypad is not working! ARRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!

Since it worked on my brothers PC, I turned it off and on and thank god, it was working again!! In the same minute I fixed something on my phone that was bugging me for the last 3 weeks 🙂


The connection is a little iffy, sometimes great sometimes slow, and I can’t yet say what it does to you tube and such, because  I don’t have sound yet. A friend is looking into that, maybe I can find something on the web and fix that.


On top of that, mom is on vacation and according to her, that means she gets to do nothing. I mean, she makes lunch and stuff, but we had to bully her into cleaning out the cellar (a task we were postponing for the last 10 years!!) and such.

Driving me nuts, being under supervision 24/7 !! Just to brag (and whine) I haven’t smoked in 6 days.

What is weird is, that my room is just as hot and the air is just as bad. So I don’t feel half as bad about it anymore!!


I am long the Olympic games, I am following everything I can, I just love it!!


I have to do a haul post, because I’ve been to Sephora (suffered a little seizure at seeing the prices!!) and a a friend brought me Pixiwoo brushes! So happy!!!


That is it; the secret of my non-posting revealed – no computer /internet, me not at home;  frustration over parents expressed, brag told, happiness shared.

Plum torte (with rhubarb or apple)

I’ve made this, and it’s great!!

Recipe here, and it’s also very easy to memorize!

We had ripe plums in the garden, and I wanted to bake with them, because I like that much better than to eat them. So I found this recipe.

You start with 3/4 cup sugar, 113grams butter, and 2 eggs. You mix that. You add 1 cup of GF mix of flour, about one third of that should be starch, 1 1/4 ts baking powder and 1/2 ts xanthan gum, a pinch of salt, mix all that and voila, you have it! What I love best is that it rises! I took a smalish baking dish, lined it with baking paper, and poured about 2/3 of the “dough” in; I placed plums and rhubarb/apple in, just tossed it in so it was layered, than poured the remaining batter over, and some more fruit over that. The recipe says to sprinkle that with sugar too, but I just think that is too much sugar for no really big difference. I baked it for slightly less than an hour at 160 degrees Celsius.

Again, it rises, and it’s nice and spongy texture…LOVE this recipe!!!

Cookies with jam

I followed this recipe; sort off.

This is how I’ve done it; (I doubled the dose)

180 g butter, softened
130 g sugar + about 20g of stevia
280g of flour; I mixed about 30g of starch, 50g of ground almonds, 30g of shredded coconut, and the rest tapioca and rice flour
2 egg yolk (I mixed the egg whites and added them, mayor step away from the recipe!)
1 package  vanilla sugar
1/4tsp baking powder
1/8tsp xantham gum ((Honestly, I am not sure how much of the two I added. I went by feel)
your favourite jam – I used strawberry & apricot

So, I mixed the yolks with the sugar, and it didn’t mix well, not enough liquids, imho, so I added the butter and it went better 🙂 I weighted and added the flours, and then folded in the egg whites. It was still too sticky so I added some more starch.

As it turned out, it doesn’t really matter that I didn’t make them in little balls, but just clumped them on with my spoon technique, because they spread out into disks anyway.

I did use the wooden spoon technique to make the wholes – but I didn’t just pressed once, I pressed several times to make indentations bigger. My grannie taught me to mix the jam with a spoon or two of water, to make it more spreadable and easier to use. SO I filled the wholes with jam, and immediately after I took them out of the oven, I did it again, when they were still warm. Do left enough space, they really do spread!

170 degrees, about 17 minutes is just right, they are already a shade darker at 20 minutes. Now, because after I tasted the first batch, I decided that jam just in the middle is not enough at all, I spreaded it on the whole discs for the next two batches 🙂

I am very happy I doubled the amount, because I don’t think I would find it worth my time for just a few cookies, but when you double it, you get quite enough 🙂 I’ll be making these again! (we have full basement of jams, I really need to find a better way to use them up!!)

I even baked bread in the mean time, becuase if the oven is already hot, why not use it?!


Garden update; July, 2nd week

So; I’m already on our…4th bed of lettuce (or other green leafy vegetable that goes into salads).  I already prepared a bed for the next one! The peas are done, the second batch is in the ground. Also had to re- plant leeks, nothing came out the first time! The tomatoes; the 3 we bought are huge, the ones that grown in the garden by themselves and were re-planted are also coming along; they are slower and smaller, but something will come out! I have 21 (!!) tomato plants! I have already taken some of the carrots out, it was well worth spreading them carefully when planting them, they had enough space to grow nicely.

My zucchinis and other pumpkins are growing wildly, they are threatening to take over the garden, so i prepared a cucumber climbing leather for them to climb on. they are to heavy for it, but…I don’t have a better idea!


So far, I am very happy!!

A mini haul

And a review of L’oreal triple active day moisturizer.

As much as I used to be opposed to it, I now decided I like taking supplements. B complex I was taking for years didn’t do anything for my nails and skin. I tried Omega 3-6-9, it only made me go to the bathroom more often, , but if I have to rate it, I rate it above B complex, it seemed to help some (I can’t say how, it’s just a feeling).

Now I got capsules of silica that also contain zink, and it’s supposedly good for hair skin and nails. I admit I bought some chippo brand, I’ll get better. Can’t say if they help yet, I’ve only been taking them for a week.

My Alessandro nail spa biotin nail hardened is coming to end, and it did not work anyway. At all.

So I bought Kiss diamond hard strengthener; it’s suppose to help strengthen and grow, defend from the water…(You can find it here ((nail care informational video))at 1.19 min, I can’t find it anywhere else). I can’t say much so far, I’ve only been using it for a week, but I am keeping my fingers crossed!

New moisturizer, L’oreal triple active day for dry and sensitive skin. I think I read it has UV protection, it’s not greasy or sticky like a lot of creams for dry skin are, BUT  – it’s AWFULL under foundation. Even if I just a bit of concealed on a spot, the “rollies” appear. I don’t know how to explain it, but I apply my foundation with my fingers, and it doesn’t work at all. I even tried foundation brush, and it’s not really any better.

So if you use foundation regularly, don’t even try.

Because I hate throwing things away, I now use it on days I know I won’t wear foundation, and switch to some natural himalayan herbal moisturizer that I bought in winter but failed to see it contains alcohol, and it stung like a bitch than – but’s it’s just fine now.

Might be mini, but I wrote quite a lot 🙂

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