Gluten free rhubarb, apple and pear pie

(I baked this yesterday, sorry for the delay!!)


My recipes were a mixture of tips and recipes found on these sites; the dough and filling and the crumble; the tips and inspirations.

First I went  to the store to buy a pie dish, rice flour( I was out), butter and ground almonds. BTW, they are wickedly expensive!!

Than I took a plastic cup (like a solo cup) of water and put it in the freezer, and I weighted 113 grams of butter (1 stick) and put that in the freezer too.

Tan I measured the fours and put them in the refrigerator, because The gluten free girl keeps talking how important it is to have cool ingredients and just as luck would have it, we are in the middle of heat wave.

I used; 1/2 cup of; tapioca flour, rice flour, starch, corn flour (I left some space in the measuring cup and filled it with ground almonds.

The recipe didn’t say it, but I added 1tea spoon of xanthan.

I mixed it together and put it in the fridge. I mixed an egg in a small bowl and added about 1/3 cup of that cold water. Put it in the fridge.

In another bowl,  mixed the sugar (the recipe says 3/4 cup, I never know, does this mean I fill 3 1/4 cups?? As I always do, I used less sugar, only 2 1/3 cups.

Than I took the flours out and grated the butter, but it was so hot outside, that it was melting in my hands, so I quickly put it back in the fridge to cool back down.

Than I mixed it all, and added the watered down egg; and I was so happy it wasn’t all dried and flakey, I was able to mix it with the hand mixer, with paddles for dough. I didn’t need any additional water! Put it in the fridge to rest.

I mixed what it says you need for the crumble, than went to pick the rhubarb from the garden; I peeled it, sliced it, sugared and floured it, than chopped the peers and let them sit in the lemon water, than mixed the whole thing together and let it sit and soak together.

Took the dough out, and cut the baking paper to the measure I needed for my pan, and rolled the dough out on that – I needed to add some starch because it was sticking to my rolling pin, otherwise it went beautifully, no breaking!!

Than I just slid the baking paper with the rolled out dough on the pie pan, and filled it with fruit. It looked like there was not enough fruit, so I quickly peeled and grated an apple and just spread it over the top. Than I spread the crumble mixture on top and put it in the oven, on 200, for 20 minutes, than lowered it to 160 for another 20; the top started to darken so i took it out.

I let it sit for like 3 hours to let it set – and it was/is delicious!! I’ll be definitely making this again!!


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