I’ve got a thesis theme!!

Not a title yet, and nothing really specific, but the professor liked it, she saw I am into it, she will look for some more authors to read, I have to read some, and I love it, I can’t wait!!

It was such a good visit to The Big City overall!!

I am so thin that I couldn’t wear the skirt I wanted because I would have to belt it so much that it would bunch together! So I wore a tube top and shorts. Went for tea with a former roommate, than to the Uni, got the book I wanted from the library, while waiting for the professor found a ride home and arranged to see a friend.

Had a one hour consultation, very happy about it! !! ! !! ! Went through the city, got two teas (Gunpowder and Nepal Guranse ), Take away sushi (yes, that means I spend too much money). Went to see my friend, saw how a house is build in Shri Lanka.

Went home with a lovely couple who drove me all the way home!

Ahhhh it was a lovely day!

I d hove sore muscles on my lover legs, I always wear running shoes when walking the dog, but I wore flip flops all day, my legs are not used to that 🙂


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