Fruit dumplings

You need;




fruit (apricots, strawberries, plums work best)

Cook whole, unpeeled potatoes. I never know exactly how long, it also depends on the size of the potatoes, usually around 20 minutes. If you stick a pointy knife in, and it goes in easily, it’s done.

Press them through the thingy, add eggs (we had…let’s say 12 potatoes; we added 3 eggs and about one cup of flour) but go by feel.

Now we come to flour, and it gets complicated. We’ve done this before with only GF flour (rice or tapioca, I don’t remember) and they fell apart. Like, it was a soup. So this time, We used half/half.

You smash it all together with your fingers, and when you think it’s the stickiest mess ever, it’s ready. Wash your fruit, maybe even de-pit them. Have a bowl of water ready – granny said the secret to make the dumplings is to have wet hands so the dough doesn’t stick to your hands. Take the dough, flatten it in your fingers, press the fruit onto it, than press the dough around the fruit so that you hide it all. Press together with your palms so it’s firm.

Boil a big pot of water, salt it, and carefully put the dumplings in. They are ready when they swim to the surface and gently boil there for a few minutes.

You can eat it like that, or heat up some butter, put breadcrumbs in (I found some GF rice crumbs, they are great!), stir it around so they start getting color, and put the dumplings in there. Turn them around so they are loosely coated with it.

Mix some granulated sugar with cinnamon and dust the dumplings.



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