Just talk to eachother, puhleeeeze…a review

Nicola Cornick: Notorious.

They married  out of love,  spend a great night together, than she abandoned him. Now, 9 years later, their marriage is annulled and she is a gold digger. At least that is what he thinks.

She got scarred away by his mean aunt (I am guessing the story of that is in one of the previous books), realised she is pregnant, got kicked out by her relatives, lost the baby, and is now surviving with sort of legal sceaming.

When they meet again, the chemistry is obvious, the story is emotional, but if they would just have an honest conversation, the book would be over by chapter two. I know that is the point of the book, but I am not a fan (I’ve mentioned this a lot before, sorry!) of the “big mistake” plots.

Otherwise – passionate & emotional, I would read this author again – but check the plot first 🙂 (That is hard for me, because I don’t want to know too much, even tiny spoiler ruins it for me!).

Oh – and this is, I believe, the first ever RN where the hero and the heroine are in seemingly unsolvable situation. Both without $$, both have debts, both are responsible for other people…BIG, HUGE compliments on that!! Heroes can be on the gallows and I am not afraid for them, but here, i did not see a way out!


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