Summer haul

Kiko face make up fixer spray; can’t find an internet proof this product exists. This is as close as I come to having  a MAC fix+.

Kiko nail polish 238 (?). Normal bright red. When  applied only one coat, it started chipping the next day, applied one more and it lasted for days, without the top coat.

Kiko Long lasting stick eyeshadow, 8 hour no-transfer performance; 07  golden beige. I like it as a base or just for the corners of my eyes. It comes in a stick and it’s a little thick to use for certain places, so it’s a little tricky, but I like the shade, it goes well with my skin tone, I think.

Pixiwoo/ Real techniques brushes; a friend brought them for me from the Uk 🙂 I asked for, what else, a starter set. I admit that I haven’t done a real look with them yet, I tried doing a crease a few times, but always in a hurry – I really have to sit down, open a few you tube videos, and practice!

Suncreen Sundance (dm) 20(medium); face sunscreen. I got it because Anna sang it praises. I am not that impressed- -but she has spf 30 and I chose spf 20, maybe that is different…

Alverde mineral concealer anti-rotung (anti redness). It’s greenish and it helps me with the two broken capillaries I have.

Alverde mineral rouge; 10 romantic coral; a lot shiny particles, too much for me…Otherwise, a strong color.

Essence quatro eyeshadow in 01, chiao bella! For some reason they don’t have it on their web site – yes, its’ probably an older product, but still…I found it here. Anyhow, it’s basic light- light brown; the first light is clashing with my skin tone, the second one  is perfect. the last one is not nearly as dark as it looks here…

L’oreal infaillible  021 sahara treasure. (I swear it is spelt that way on my pot. )

The new Avon shampoo and moisturizer; maroccan argain oil shampoo and Solutions: hydra beyond extra hydrating cream. Interesting, it says here that it’s a night creme, but it doesn’t say so on my pot. It just say hydrating cream. I wondered why there is no SPF…(But it doesn’t say anything about SPF on the gel cream, either…) Th cream is fine, but I hate one thing – it makes my eyes sting. As in, my eyes tear up even if I don’t go over my eyes with it! That is bad, bad, bad. It sinks in the skin soon, the smell is gentle, it’s hydrating enough for me, not greasy at all…If only it wouldn’t sting my eyes!!

Avon super drama mascara. Awesome!!


Vampire& were series…so so…

Sarah McCarty: Caleb & co.

Blaaaaaaaah. Way to much and boring sex scenes. And thing supposedly happen but we only hear about them after they happened. He shouted when she found out she really is pregnant?? When was that?? And “so this is why she is acting all weird” Really? When did she act weird??

The rest of the books are better, bot nothing to praise, sorry.

A tip for GF food

We all know that GF food is expensive. Very, very expensive.

My way to dealing with this is to mostly bake my own sweets, so I only shell money for bread. And as for bread I regularly check the “it will go over due date soon” table/shelves in local stores. See, they have a GF area, but not a lot of people buy it, so food is often left there for a long time. But the stores have a policy that if the food will go over due date soon, they have to put it on discount area. I buy flours, bread, pizza dough, xanthan gum,  all sorts of things that way! Sometimes its 30, usually 50% off!

Just because it will go over due date soon, it doesn’t mean it will go over in a few days. And since there is so much crap in them anyway, a day or two over that day won’t (well, probably,:) ) kill you!


Happy shopping!



The marriage trilogy

Well well, lokkie what I found – another historicals author I liked!

I listed to Marriage trilogy, written by Cathy Maxwell; interesting, unusual, sensual.

It’s loosely connected, about three friends, but you can easily read them separate. Sometimes it was a little too much Big Secret theme, but I overlooked it because it was otherwise written so good.

I’ve got the munchies

See, here is where a non-native English speaker like me went to google munchies, because I wasn’t sure if it’s weed related or not.

I realized it mostly is, but since it’s also a name of a snack and you can have the munchies without smoking weed, I decided to use it.


What I mean is that I am slightly hungry, I want to eat something but I don’t know what. If I would have cookies or that plum torte in my pantry, I would hit that. No luck, ate the last of the torte yesterday. If you eat a healthy dose every day, it lasts 3 days.  I adore it. I’ll make apple and rhubarb version tomorrow, hehehe.


It’s hot as hell in my room, I’ll just might to sleep with open doors again, hate that. I have to because I will spontaneously combust otherwise, but I don’t like the feeling.


I have a headache, I tested inhaling apple cider vinegar this morning, it truly did help, but I have the strong one today, so I need to go after it with the big guns otherwise it will drag for days.


I always spell realize with an S, and tomorrow with one r and two Ms.

I’ll have my granma peaches for breakfast tomorrow, muahahaha:)

Raspberries are THE most delicate fruit ever.


I am listening to a book I am very excited over.

I am hoping I’ll have some money in my account tomorrow. I wrote tomorrow correctly this time 🙂

My try with YA

I listened to My soul to Lose and My soul to take by Rachel Vincent.  It’s a pre-book and first book in a series.

If I would be into it at all, I would say they are god books. Unfortunately, I just don’t care for YA.

Otherwise, it’s intriguing, it’s not corny and childish, the dialogs are good, the problems are normal. So – nice, if only it would have been about adults!

Tips for making jam, by GB, an amateur

So; I’ve made jam…3 times in my life.

Because my bar is not set high, I was happy about all 3!

But I did come to some conclusions;

– you’ll need a bigger pot than you have prepared

– you’ll need more jars than you have prepared

– go green and use old jars from sauces, other jams, pickled stuff…

– you might need to wash the above mentioned jars several times

– best way to do it is in the washing machine; than dry them in the oven

– DO NOT dry lids in the oven. They will melt. That smells bad, and you don’t have as many jars as you wanted.

– when using the above mentioned different jars, made some kind of marks so you’ll know which jars go with which lid. DO THIS. I only thought of it after I was finished last time, so I don’t have a system yet, but something like putting labels on them and then number them, or something. Anything. Because piping hot jars and labels and unprotected hands don’t really go together.

That is about it. I don’t feel qualified to give other tips, but this is what I learned so far!!

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