Woke up when it was still dark yesterday, sick. Went to the bathroom and sat there…I’ll say it was good planing that whoever built this house put the bathtub right next to the toilet.

I was at least 1kg lighter when I came out. (45,5)

It was the day my mom went away and I had huge plans. I had to minimize them after that pleasant experience, naturally.

Ate two bowls of plain cooked rice and one slice of bread the whole day, felt queasy and my ears wouldn’t pop – they still wont!

As I’ve sat there, I contemplated what could be the reason for that…I came up 4 diagnoses; mice fever, tic disease (??), ate something bad (bad bologna?) Is there something wrong with my tomatoes?), nicotine withdrawal (can it happen after 10 days?)…AND that I am not sure how my insurance situation is.


I knew a day will come when I’ll have to deal with it, I’ve been saying “I’ll do it tomorrow” for a year and a half.

So I opened all the envelopes (had to dust them off :/) , cleaned out the drawer I’ve just been throwing the paperwork in, organised it all in folders, with post its showing years and what is paid and what not, and what is missing. That meant I’ve had bills and letters and papers all over my floor, in piles and piles… And when it was done, it was too late to go to the office. So I went this morning, all ready to have a few slices of humble pie…

It turned out AMAZING. Huge relief.

I’ve been to 3 offices, all the ladies were super nice, and told me  great (amazing!!! ) news that I don’t owe any money and I only need to bring the paperwork in next time, not wait and worry. I am insured! !!  Yey for ex regime:)

But I needed a wake up call and I’ll sleep way better now. Maybe I’ll even go to my doctor and said that I want to be tested for my ever present tummy issues.


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