Up, up and away!

I was away for 3 days, showing a friend of a friend around the country.

She was great, easy to talk to, friendly, got all the jokes.

I ate a lot, but everything I was supposed to, and had no stomach issues!!! Yaaaay!!

I bought a purse! A hand sawn, unique, adjustable length purse. It only took three visits to the same stand. BUT I think I can totally cajole my grannie into making another one – this one can work as a template, and the other can be a little bigger, with more pockets and not just two different patterns.

I wanted to buy cheese at a farm and I bought cheese at a farm. I usually always just want to do it, but never do. I did it!

I made a photo for my Fb timeline. It’s still not official – I am waiting for Fb to force me into it, I am not volunteering! So you know, you need a small pic and a header? I am keeping the small one, and the header is a river.

I am so happy I went!!



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