Tips for making jam, by GB, an amateur

So; I’ve made jam…3 times in my life.

Because my bar is not set high, I was happy about all 3!

But I did come to some conclusions;

– you’ll need a bigger pot than you have prepared

– you’ll need more jars than you have prepared

– go green and use old jars from sauces, other jams, pickled stuff…

– you might need to wash the above mentioned jars several times

– best way to do it is in the washing machine; than dry them in the oven

– DO NOT dry lids in the oven. They will melt. That smells bad, and you don’t have as many jars as you wanted.

– when using the above mentioned different jars, made some kind of marks so you’ll know which jars go with which lid. DO THIS. I only thought of it after I was finished last time, so I don’t have a system yet, but something like putting labels on them and then number them, or something. Anything. Because piping hot jars and labels and unprotected hands don’t really go together.

That is about it. I don’t feel qualified to give other tips, but this is what I learned so far!!


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