I’ve got the munchies

See, here is where a non-native English speaker like me went to google munchies, because I wasn’t sure if it’s weed related or not.

I realized it mostly is, but since it’s also a name of a snack and you can have the munchies without smoking weed, I decided to use it.


What I mean is that I am slightly hungry, I want to eat something but I don’t know what. If I would have cookies or that plum torte in my pantry, I would hit that. No luck, ate the last of the torte yesterday. If you eat a healthy dose every day, it lasts 3 days.  I adore it. I’ll make apple and rhubarb version tomorrow, hehehe.


It’s hot as hell in my room, I’ll just might to sleep with open doors again, hate that. I have to because I will spontaneously combust otherwise, but I don’t like the feeling.


I have a headache, I tested inhaling apple cider vinegar this morning, it truly did help, but I have the strong one today, so I need to go after it with the big guns otherwise it will drag for days.


I always spell realize with an S, and tomorrow with one r and two Ms.

I’ll have my granma peaches for breakfast tomorrow, muahahaha:)

Raspberries are THE most delicate fruit ever.


I am listening to a book I am very excited over.

I am hoping I’ll have some money in my account tomorrow. I wrote tomorrow correctly this time 🙂


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