Almost famous :)

I’ve been good this week.

I exfoliated. Did a coconut oil overnight hair mask. Even though it’s not really a mask but just coconut oil in my hair. Remember to use a towel over your pillow case!

I did the Official Thing I had to do. Went well, except I’ll have to do something monthly because the rules have changed, ad before I did it every 3 months.

I gave an interview!

Baked that plum torte recipe 3 times, with so many different fruit combinations, I adore it.

I changed the sheets.

Went for drinks with my Very Pregnant BFF. Love her belly!

Read some lovely books. Love my shifters!

Picked bowls of tomatoes from our garden. They did well!

Dried two boxes of tarragon. No idea what I’ll do with it, though 🙂

Combed the dog. Twice!!

Cleaned the kitchen floor.

Rinsed my hair with vinegar AND scrubbed the tub with the residue! Now that is some multitasking, isn’t it?! 🙂

Finally transported boxes and boxes of board games over to grannie, so the little ones can play.


My life is very exciting.


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