Just what you wanted – cleaning tip!

I could be in Venice right now…But I said no to the offer.

It came too late; it wasn’t a problem that I didn’t know anybody else going, everything was paid for, but…I needed a few hours to prepare and get my head in that space.

So I am here, telling you the easiest way to clean a microwave. Mix hot/boiling water and apple cider vinegar 50/50, put it in a bowl with the biggest rim, and put a rag into it – it its soaking and of not fully submerged, turn it around in the middle. That is because a) I read it can explode if there is not something in it b) it cleans out this rag and c) you can use it for cleaning. Turn it on for 4 minutes. Be prepared, it will smell.

Leave it into cool down a bit and that wipe the inside of the oven. Everything just slides off. It really does work!!

You can also squeeze and put a lemon in hot water, I read it this way too.

But you want to know where my head went? If just putting a wet rag in the microwave and “cook” it kills the germs (there is loads and loads of this type of info all around he web) , what does it do to the food we put in there??? Nothing healthy, that’s for sure… Good thing we don’t use it much, maybe 3 times a week…

I’ll go and do another plum and apple torte now đŸ™‚


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