Hello, this is me

I started this blog so I can monitor my braces experience as well as a kind of personal diary. Personal. That means that I sometimes poured my heart out and I wallowed, and because I feel much better after I rant, I’ve done that too.

I was careful to not be too revealing, but well, now a lot has been outed. I don’t mind that. I am afraid people will judge . That is just how I am. A few family complaints and I am all worried about it.

So please, don’t. That is it. I though I am hidden here, so I’ll ask for your discretion and hope for the best. Good thing i am a lousy writer anyway, who knows what would come out if I would be comfortable sharing…I shudder just thinking about it!

So  – welcome, and if you know me, shut it. And I mean that in the most kind way. This is the only way I can deal with it.


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