Why it’s not a good idea to read old RN books

Like Linda Howard All that glitters. ((I was just about to write that I like her otherwise, but realized I only read one other book by her!) First, she marries a guy who was over 60 years old when she was 18. I don’t care for reasons, I am sure they were written convincingly, it’s just not something I want to read about. Than, the hero – he tries to have sex with her, she screams nooooo, cries tears, tries to fight him off, when he finally stops, SHE SOOTHES HIM!!!!

Ugh. Had to stop right there and then, barely at the beginning!

Than there is An independent wife. Please don’t unless you really want to suffer. I listened to it awhile ago and all I remember is that I was suffering. I don’t even know why and how I finished it.

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