Tomato queen, blisters queen, library queen, traveling queen, grape queen, unemployed queen.

Hello, and welcome to my week!


This week, I canned tomatoes in oil and right now, round two is drying in the oven. I freezed some of them –  just raw and cubed, for quick use.

I went to The Big City, paid less that I thought I’ll have to for library fines (yipee), got 3 books for my thesis, got a little excited about it again, bought a new clay tea pot and clay cups for my tea time, bought fluorescent pink yoga pants and “doughnut thingie” for making buns with your hair, and even with my non growing hair, it works!

Today I went to an Official thing, and learned that I’ll have to attend a seminar in the next weeks. I have nothing against seminars, but this one looks very boring, and i hate the time table. It would be much better if it would last be longer hours and less days, instead of short hours and a lot of days!

Than we have grape picking! AND I have my ortho appointment the same day! I’ll also get x-rays, because I am pretty sure my wisdom teeth are coming, shit. But at least I’ll know!

The next day, I have Bday celebration of a friend, and I still don’t know how I’ll get there because of the wine picking, but I have several options in play. I’ll have to travel directly from her to this seminar.

I still have to get into the mind set for the seminar, I just found out today and I am a little irritated over some things.  But I have to get through it, and the last experience wasn’t that bad, so I think if I find some plus points for it, it will be easier. I think I am anxious about it because I don’t know the exact timetable and because I don’t know the people. Once I’ll attend it the first time, i will at least know more and be calmer. I guess.

I am still waiting for my period and my mom and me got sick yesterday, so I am cranky, too.

The weather changed from summer to fall, not my favorite…

I guess I am just complaining right now, but I’m like that, once I give it all out, I’m better.


I’ll say a few happy thing now; my nails are long!! This never happens! I keep scratching and tapping with them, I love the feeling of long nails! I’m very happy with the new tea pot, it was totally in my budget and I use it daily, so it was a very good buy! I can now sculpture my face with bronzer! I’ll share my secret some other day. I am in a really happy place with my BFF. I think it’s about a year since “we got back together” , and I am happy about it!! I have three empties in my body/hair products area, and that is great – I love trying out new things, but I get through them very slowly. So for me, it’s special when I finally empty something to get to the thing waiting in my closet! But as a rule, I don’t have two or three things open, because I won’t use them in time and they’ll get bad. Yep, this is what is fun for me!


Here is hoping I get through the next few days, and to a good timetable!!




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