Used that jelly trick

I didn’t have any fruit to do that plum torte recipe, so I just mixed in half of the jelly (marmalade)  I made in the summer.


It came out dryer than it does when I use fruit (duh!!) but not half as bad as it could! Very useful, imho!


Bell peppers ala my granny

I have only eaten this with red bell peppers.

You cleaned and dry them. Than you take  a large flat pan, no need to oil it, and turn it on medium heat.

Place whole peppers on it. Let it burn slightly, than turn them. They are supposed to get softer. When you poke them and they are soft, and they are nicely charred, turn the heat off and cover them – I guess you are letting them sweat 🙂

Than you peel them; the charring is supposed to help to peel them  easier.

Than you take a dish that you can cover tightly (like Tupperware) and pour some oil in it; chop some garlic and add,; salt. Place the peeled peppers in, as much as you can, and cover. Shake.

Let them in there so they soak up and get bathed in all that goodness…

Eat with a sandwich or alike. Enjoy 🙂

Sleeper helper :)

This is a great page for healthy sleeping!!


Check it out 🙂