This is my 600th hundredth? hundrieth? post!


Just a note

I’ve read so many Lynsay Sands books, I lost the count. So just so I’ll know, I did read Under a vampire moon.

I like her books. I love the first few, they get more of the same in the later ones, but she is consistent, and I like seeing what happens with this huge family. I guess she is one of my guilty pleasures 🙂






I was sure the captain was the bad guy!!!!! Never suspected the roommate!

Gone, girl, a diary of a read/listen

 (Now for something completely different, me reading not romance!) 

I am at the beginning of second part of the audio;

I want to smack him over the head, listening how he likes his mistress; it makes me physically ill; how he likes to teach her things, the sleazbag….I am shaking with rage just listening to it. If I would be reading, I would skip this part. I don’t want to know how she smells, how her hair looks, YUCK!!!!

Amy just started with “I am an idiot”, and I am thinking that she saw him/them! busted, fucking dumbass!

Oh, maybe she has a sex decease, now that she is n a hospital?? Nope. Nothing.

His sister busted him. Oh, I want her to smack him!!!!

She doesn’t. But she said the best line to a cheater, ever. That if you live together, she will find fault in him. real life, jerk.

part II


I had a feeling about the journal, and bam!! And how she bitch slapped him with the shed, muahahaha…revenge, baby!!




I admit, I was too much into it to blog about it, because it’s such an awesome thriller, with many twists and turns, the readers are great, you get pulled into the book, sucked in, and it takes hours and hours of listening, and I found myself weeding the garden to perfection because I didn’t want to go back in before the end…


I know I am not good at explaining, but please listen to me and read this book, it’s not scary scary (hate that myself) but gripping, instead!


It’s called GIRL, GONE, by Gillian Flynn. Ups. Gone, girl. Sorry!!!

Won!! Package is coming my way!

I have never entered a give – away before. I was always shy, my thoughts along “If I don’t do them, I can’t participate. Or “”Oh, just desperate teenagers that always add “”I love you, please follow me please follow me” participate”.

But you know, I decided that I can leat try. It was on Anna’s blog, and I saw the post first day. And I started thinking – she asked for one idea for a post and for tutorial. I immediately had the idea for the post – mistakes people(well, women) make when apply make up. Ia m talking nothing but a water line+ black eyeliner. I think it’s my pet peeve one. More than too much foundation. Or my mom, with her one shade of green eyeliner. Yes. She will not be persuaded to not do it. And she is fair, with no lashes to speak of. At least she gets her eyebrows darkened.

The next one, a tutorial, took me ages to figure out. I like watching them, but because I have no eye for art, I can’t really repeat them, I just takes ideas and do what I can with them. So i thought about what I really do, and get ideas for that.

I mix colors a lot, but always in coordination with my clothes. But also, I like to use one color and use different shades of it – also in coordination with my clothing. So i asked for one color tutorial.

I jumped in at the last-minute, thank god my internet was working that night – because I won second place! And she already wrote about my topic, it’s the first post right now!


So, the lesson – you can’t win if you don’t try. So I’ll try if I’ll see them!

Potato hot dog stew, a GB easy recipe

It’s what I’ll name it, it’s more like a fake potato goulash, I guess.


You just need:




hot dogs (or some other sausage)


Chop a little of onion, peel the potatoes(about two medium ones per person), peel and chop a carrot or two – depends on how much you like them. The size of chopping depends on you preference,too.

I put some oil in a normal sized soup pot, let the onions sizzle, add carrots and potatoes, let them stew there for a few minutes – don’t forget to mix them, so they won’t burn. Add water. enough so all is covered. Let boil and cook for about 10 minutes, until the potatoes are soft. now, you can either mush this all a bit with the potato masher, or just let it like that. Add hot dogs cut into wheels. Let it cook for a few minutes, serve.


Oh, and salt and pepper and red paprika and other stuff you like.

Also, you can add a splash of vinegar just before you serve.

It might just be I have written this recipe here before. No idea. Too lazy to check:)


So I am quite seduced with twitter, and as I’ve been reading the same author for quite some time, I haven’t posted.


Just came here to check how far I’ve come in certain series 🙂