Potato hot dog stew, a GB easy recipe

It’s what I’ll name it, it’s more like a fake potato goulash, I guess.


You just need:




hot dogs (or some other sausage)


Chop a little of onion, peel the potatoes(about two medium ones per person), peel and chop a carrot or two – depends on how much you like them. The size of chopping depends on you preference,too.

I put some oil in a normal sized soup pot, let the onions sizzle, add carrots and potatoes, let them stew there for a few minutes – don’t forget to mix them, so they won’t burn. Add water. enough so all is covered. Let boil and cook for about 10 minutes, until the potatoes are soft. now, you can either mush this all a bit with the potato masher, or just let it like that. Add hot dogs cut into wheels. Let it cook for a few minutes, serve.


Oh, and salt and pepper and red paprika and other stuff you like.

Also, you can add a splash of vinegar just before you serve.

It might just be I have written this recipe here before. No idea. Too lazy to check:)


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