Gone, girl, a diary of a read/listen

 (Now for something completely different, me reading not romance!) 

I am at the beginning of second part of the audio;

I want to smack him over the head, listening how he likes his mistress; it makes me physically ill; how he likes to teach her things, the sleazbag….I am shaking with rage just listening to it. If I would be reading, I would skip this part. I don’t want to know how she smells, how her hair looks, YUCK!!!!

Amy just started with “I am an idiot”, and I am thinking that she saw him/them! busted, fucking dumbass!

Oh, maybe she has a sex decease, now that she is n a hospital?? Nope. Nothing.

His sister busted him. Oh, I want her to smack him!!!!

She doesn’t. But she said the best line to a cheater, ever. That if you live together, she will find fault in him. real life, jerk.

part II


I had a feeling about the journal, and bam!! And how she bitch slapped him with the shed, muahahaha…revenge, baby!!




I admit, I was too much into it to blog about it, because it’s such an awesome thriller, with many twists and turns, the readers are great, you get pulled into the book, sucked in, and it takes hours and hours of listening, and I found myself weeding the garden to perfection because I didn’t want to go back in before the end…


I know I am not good at explaining, but please listen to me and read this book, it’s not scary scary (hate that myself) but gripping, instead!


It’s called GIRL, GONE, by Gillian Flynn. Ups. Gone, girl. Sorry!!!


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