Won!! Package is coming my way!

I have never entered a give – away before. I was always shy, my thoughts along “If I don’t do them, I can’t participate. Or “”Oh, just desperate teenagers that always add “”I love you, please follow me please follow me” participate”.

But you know, I decided that I can leat try. It was on Anna’s blog, and I saw the post first day. And I started thinking – she asked for one idea for a post and for tutorial. I immediately had the idea for the post – mistakes people(well, women) make when apply make up. Ia m talking nothing but a water line+ black eyeliner. I think it’s my pet peeve one. More than too much foundation. Or my mom, with her one shade of green eyeliner. Yes. She will not be persuaded to not do it. And she is fair, with no lashes to speak of. At least she gets her eyebrows darkened.

The next one, a tutorial, took me ages to figure out. I like watching them, but because I have no eye for art, I can’t really repeat them, I just takes ideas and do what I can with them. So i thought about what I really do, and get ideas for that.

I mix colors a lot, but always in coordination with my clothes. But also, I like to use one color and use different shades of it – also in coordination with my clothing. So i asked for one color tutorial.

I jumped in at the last-minute, thank god my internet was working that night – because I won second place! And she already wrote about my topic, it’s the first post right now!


So, the lesson – you can’t win if you don’t try. So I’ll try if I’ll see them!


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