I just want to sum up what is going on lately…First world problems, mostly.

Like trying to figure out what kind of postcards to post this year, do I try to DIY again (I am thinking of painting the dogs paw, than press it to the paper 3 times, in triangular shape, to represent a xmass tree. I haven’t tried it yet, s no idea if it works, and I don’t even have blank cards on which to do it. But I do have a plan B, I found cheap but nice, and with sayings in my language on them cards, so that will have to do if all else fails.

I am a part of secret Santa exchange, and we are strewn across the world. As I love love love love getting presents, this is fun! I have my gift, but the person has a young daughter and I want something small for her to add in there.

I have most xmass gifts – beauty products made locally, some clothing items…I am missing my brother’s birthday gift, my BFFs and my mom’s xmass gifts.

Speaking of gifts, I was very good in making a list of bday wishes, I am mostly getting stuff I really want, wish for  or need!

In other news, I am very, very tempted to ombre dye my hair.

I am trying to schedule my birthday party with friends, and it’s not going well…

I have changed from black tea to green tea obsession.


Have a lovely weekend. Mine is a mixture of cleaning, tidying, family gathering, eating, celebrating.


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