Another hair growth miracle tried and failed – MSM powder

I have been taking MSM powder for 4 weeks now. Every morning, one tea spoon, and last week, in the evening, too. I have been taking it with vitamin C (not always), because that supposedly help it work.


Now, you get most info by going through a couple of pages that explain this better, but basics; it’s natural, you can’t overdose because your body only uses the amount it needs. It helps with allergies, joints, and most importantly for me, hair and nails. Absolutely no difference in quickness of nail growth, I can’t say if the quality has improved as of yet.

My hair was in series shedding stage, and that got better – for about 30 %.

It’s bitter, but it leaves no aftertaste, so once you swallow it, and take another drink, none of it stays in your mouth – very good!


So, I can’t really say much yet; it’s no bother to take, but unfortunately, I don’t see it doing  any miracles on my oh-so-slow growing nails and hair. I will finish this bag, and probably won’t buy another (this was a gift).

I am not sorry I tried it, because it does help with my hair a little, and honestly, I believe it helped with my digestion, and I am always happy with help in that department 🙂


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