Why RN has bad rep

One of the reasons are books like Bella Andre  – Game for everything.  (not linking because I am trashing).

She hates the hero because something he did 10 years ago (they never really talk about it this time); we have alcoholic parents (not just one, three of them!), sex everywhere but in the bedroom (under the bleachers is not enough; it has to be blindfolds and dominance play; under a tree, at her parents party 10 minutes after arriving and figuring out she had crappy parents – again, not just a quicky, but a quicky with dominance (something he calls a “romp”); at a party in a sex pad at some semi strangers home…And there is a smarmy agent that we are supposed to believe he just …well, didn’t fire, even though he is really, really smart. And a boss with a vengeance plan.

And they keep telling themselves how they are not good for each other, and how they can’t trust each other…and all of that would be survivable if it would be written with any kind of depth…it’s so corny and cheap. ARGGGGGGGH.

Plus, I dislike books where the whole meet, fall in love, big argument, get together,engagement, marriage happens in a span of 3 weeks(also, there is a big hooo-haaa over how she fixed his image. By having the pictures of him attending charity events. But not in three weeks. In two!!! bruahahaha. Not.


I can stick Jo Davis and her firefighter series here too. Not as bad, but also cheesy and cliche; just a bit better cheesy and cliche. Not good; but if I have to rate, I don’t want to rate all as ” unreadable”. I read two of Bella Andre’s books, and two and a half of Jo Davis-es!! 🙂


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