So, it’s official; my life will change in two days

I start at 8 on friday. Afterwards, the director said we (because we are two new people) are probably going to be “separated”; on working in the morning and the other one in the afternoon, so we don’t bother the others so much  – they would have to train us and it’s a lot because there are not a lot of them.

I had this whole plan how I’ll track my thought and expectations, and how I’ll slowly start smoking less because there is a danger of me going off and having withdrawals – even though I don’t see myself addicted to smoking, I think it’s realistic to expect them.

Also, I wanted to start a sleeping regimen similar to what I’ll have to stick to, and go to sleep early to stack up on my sleep – I know I will be too nervous to sleep much the day before. But I am reading something and even though it’s a bit silly, I wasn’t able to make myself stop!! BUT I am comforting myself with the fact that at least i was waking early and doing the similar routine I’ll have to do now, so my body is getting used to that, at least.

i don’t sleep long, ever, so that won’t be a problem, and by the time I’ll have to be at work, I am now out taking a walk with the dog, so no huge change there.

A friend gave me a good idea to bring a notebook, because I’ll be nervous and forget the things they tell me, and I can write them down in the notebook and go over them again later; plus I’ll look interested and eager.

I am mostly worried about the eating habits, that will change drastically, because I’ll have to abandon my 7 years long “rule” of not eating in between breakfast and lunch. Lunch will be too late now to go without food in between. So I have been eating something small around 10.30 when “lunch” break will be this week, and so far, so good. I’ll need to find foods to eat that aren’t heavy, smelly, are transportable and GF. Fun times!

But I am looking forward to it!! Wish me luck!


Remember, remember, the sign out button

If you want to stay anonymous, that is.


It’s twice now that I’ve forgotten I am automatically signed in in wordpress on my computer.


Well if the one who can find me, does find me, it’s no disaster, she will keep my secret 🙂 I won’t say anything, but will be more careful in the future!




GB, a germ factory

Not all steampunk is romance; duh!!

I listened to Cherie Priest; Clementine and Dreadnought. It was funny how different the heroines were, young vs old, shy vs pushy…In both books the heroines were in front, in Dreadnought, there is no obvious hero at all. I should be saying protagonist, since this is not romance, but I like this better 🙂

So. It wasn’t romance, but they are good, solid books.

My job behavior plan

Yep, you read this right, I GOT A JOB.

In the library. Can it be more perfect???

The first blemish came today, when I realised that a guy I think is a total dick also works there.


I decided to come up with a few guide lines about how to act there –  if it all works out, I’ll be there for a whole year!

First – don’t gossip about people.

Second, don’t talk about personal stuff too much – I have a tendency to overshare.

Save the big bucks I’ll earn (not). I really need to do my driver’s licence, and I want to have something on the side so I’ll be able to visit my friends, and I want to be able to finally spoil myself, at least a little. Like have a meni- pedi. Go to the hairdresser more often than twice a year. That kind of stuff.

Work as hard as I can. people know me there, they also need to be able to say I work hard.

I am already nice to people, polite and all that, but I need to be like that all the time.

Try not to be clumsy. I am usually the person who will trip over something, or not see a book that is sitting on the shelf in front of me.

I am so excited! ! !! !

I start in about two weeks.

This plan is a work in progress, I’ll add more  – I’ll be thinking a lot about this, I need to really remember all of this.

I am so anxious! !  But thrilled. Yeeeey!!!



No smoke breaks.

Jeans only occasionally. I really want to wear more dresses and skirts!

Tested/tried and failed; mayonnaise for water stains

I came across this list; 35 life changing ways to use everyday objects.

Since I have a water stain on my hardwood floor and on my cupboard – both from water running over when I watered my pots I decided I really need to try the mayonnaise trick.

I tried it with just mayo, left it for about 3 hours, rubbed off. Nada.

I mixed mayo with ashes, smeared it off thickly, because it does shrink/evaporate/whatever with time, and left it for 7 hours. Rubbed it off.

IF anything, it’s even more pronounced, because it’s polished and it glistens!

But, I have to say, I like the idea for using paper whole thingies for manicure; way, way cheaper than real ones! Same with rubber bands. But I have yet to try it out.

I don’t know why one would use spoon for opening jars, table knives work much better.

Well, I tried!