My job behavior plan

Yep, you read this right, I GOT A JOB.

In the library. Can it be more perfect???

The first blemish came today, when I realised that a guy I think is a total dick also works there.


I decided to come up with a few guide lines about how to act there –  if it all works out, I’ll be there for a whole year!

First – don’t gossip about people.

Second, don’t talk about personal stuff too much – I have a tendency to overshare.

Save the big bucks I’ll earn (not). I really need to do my driver’s licence, and I want to have something on the side so I’ll be able to visit my friends, and I want to be able to finally spoil myself, at least a little. Like have a meni- pedi. Go to the hairdresser more often than twice a year. That kind of stuff.

Work as hard as I can. people know me there, they also need to be able to say I work hard.

I am already nice to people, polite and all that, but I need to be like that all the time.

Try not to be clumsy. I am usually the person who will trip over something, or not see a book that is sitting on the shelf in front of me.

I am so excited! ! !! !

I start in about two weeks.

This plan is a work in progress, I’ll add more  – I’ll be thinking a lot about this, I need to really remember all of this.

I am so anxious! !  But thrilled. Yeeeey!!!



No smoke breaks.

Jeans only occasionally. I really want to wear more dresses and skirts!


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