I glazed oranges!

So, I made this yesterday.


I have eaten what they call rice pudding many, many times. Not made this way; we do it by cooking the ice, than mixing it with cream cheese and baking it in the oven. But, we had oranges that we needed to use, AND heavy cream that was already over the date, but I tried it and saw it’s still good, so I made this.


First, the orange peel stayed bitter. Or maybe I am naive and it was not supposed to be eaten. Anyway, not edible, I removed the peel before mixing it with the rice the second time.

Second, the heavy cream is completely useless in his recipe. You don’t need it at all. It doesn’t ruin the dish, but imho, it doesn’t contribute a thing!!


Third, when glazing, you’ll probably get more use from the sirup than from the fruit, so don’t think you need to wait untill there is only a little liquid left! I used the same water the oranges were boiling in, to conserve the taste.


So, my verdict; rice pudding is a super easy desert to make, and you can do it with things you most probably have in your pantry (rice and milk!). We add raisins, and por over syrup for making juice, or add some powdered cocoa and mix. Yummy 🙂


Two same books

Jayne Ann Krentz.

When I first started reading RN, I loved her.

But I read listened to the last two books (Copper beach and Something something Eyes), and I was not impressed at all. They had the same formula; boy meets girl, they untangle the mystery, get together in between, but don’t talk about it much; than in the last chapter, bang, they are suddenly in love and getting married.

Still, I am listening to her Arcane society series now, because I am sorely in need of audio books :/

My first Hard Candy products!

The first is an eye shadow palette called Green with envy. I linked to the girl who had the similar results to my swatches. That would be that this is not a good palette.

I watched other reviews, and they had better results – but they used a primer. Now, I think an eyeshadow should be visible even without a primer, weird, right?

I will try if they work better with the one I have, but there should be a trace left on your finger when you touch it, just sayin’.

I “ordered” another palette, but the girl shopping for me is not a make up lover like me, so she just grabbed what looked I would like and ran away from all the choices. Not happy with it, but she got two out of three on list right (the list had 8 things on it 🙂 ) and she got it for me, so I can’t complain!!

The second one is a bronzer/highlighter in Tiki. I put it on the list because Emily recommended it. And guess what? It’s great!! I still need to play with it a little, to figure out the best way for me to apply it, finger or brush.

And ideas for GF work snack?

I will have to completely change my eating habits now. Completely.

So far, my scedual was; a yogurt, or milk with cornflakes, a piece of fruit half an hour after  waking up. 1, 5 liters of tea until lunch. At 12, start cooking lunch, and it took about an hour to do it. In the afternoons, about 3 pieces of bread with something on,  something sweet, something more to drink, but not as much as in the morning. That’s it.

Now; I’ll have the same breakfast, than between 10 and 12, we get 30 minutes for a lunch break. We can go out and get something, or bring something with us. I think I’ll be bringing something with me.

My list so far; a fruit/milk shake ( a banana or two, and maybe some other fruit in there, but no idea what. A fruit salad. A wrap; a chicken wrap sounds the most appealing so far. A pasta salad, or a rice salad. See, the thing is, I am afraid of food because of my GF sensitivity, and because my anxiety disorder showed itself in the lovely way of me running for the bathroom, aka a toilet room. So my way of handling with it was if you don’t eat, nothing is in, nothing will come out, and you’ll fare easier. That sounds suspiciously like an eating disorder, and I do believe I was on a brink of it; but I knew that if I do not eat, I will be even weaker, and I had enough stuff to deal with to also be weak. So i made myself eat.  I love eating, but I am still afraid of it, and I don’t have a hunger feeling in the mornings. So until my body gets used to eat, my lunches will be light, like I described them.I’ll start light, and see what happens. I just know I won’t be able to survive to eat at 6.30, and nothing until 3.30 when I’ll be home.

Maybe I’ll eat half of what I bring in the morning, and then after a few hours, the other half. That way, I won’t starve, but I won’t get the full feeling that scares me. So, that is my plan so far 🙂 Any ideas??

Bad ending to a good series

I did not read all the books in The Bastian club series by Stephanie Laurens. I started years ago, and recently picked up the last 3 books. I hated the last book. (no link when trashing).

First, they talk soooooooooooo much about how the other guys in the club want to know his real name, and in the last book, that is just glossed over.

They also talk a lot about how he is obsessed with getting the traitor. Here, the reader hears a lot from the traitors side, but nothing from the formerly supposedly obsessed hero. He turns from  super spy to I-want – this-  woman -and- it’s – all – I – think – about person.

So, as good as the other two books were., this one ruined the feel of the series for me. Too bad.