Bad ending to a good series

I did not read all the books in The Bastian club series by Stephanie Laurens. I started years ago, and recently picked up the last 3 books. I hated the last book. (no link when trashing).

First, they talk soooooooooooo much about how the other guys in the club want to know his real name, and in the last book, that is just glossed over.

They also talk a lot about how he is obsessed with getting the traitor. Here, the reader hears a lot from the traitors side, but nothing from the formerly supposedly obsessed hero. He turns from  super spy to I-want – this-  woman -and- it’s – all – I – think – about person.

So, as good as the other two books were., this one ruined the feel of the series for me. Too bad.


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