My search for the perfect moisturizer continues

This winter, I got Cristian Dior Hydra life moisturizer. Good face cream, but not worth the big big bucks you have to pay for it.

Than I bought San soucis , I chose Sunflower rich day care. I admit, I only ought it because it was on sale, because it’s on the higher end of what our drug store here carry. But I am so glad I did!! I will try this brand again, because this was a very good moisturizer! Thick but not heavy, moisturizing but quick to absorb, not irritating to my skin, no breakouts…Yey!

Now I am using Sante brand Bio -goji day cream for dry skin. I bought it when I thought the spring is coming, but it’s nowhere in sight, so it’s a little light, but it smells divine and it’s easy to apply, very light and runny.

Next on my list is a brand that comes from my country, and it has hy…xxxxyyyy thingie in it. Will try to keep you posted!



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