Work snacks by GB

I was very worried what I will eat at work; being gluten free and my fear from stomach issues.

I eat more than ever now!

I started slowly, but now, 4 months later, I am quite happy with my rhythm!

I eat cereal for breakfast, to start my mornings with something warm, and prepare “lunch” to take with me; we have a fridge at work where I can store the food. My “lunch” are usually two sandwiches; with either some sort of meat and cheese and tomatoes, if possible, or cheese and tomatoes, OR a salad and sandwiches. I would love to prepare y salads more often, but they do take so much time in the mornings, even if I prepare a lot beforehand! What I call a salad is leafed greens, shredded carrot, a tomatoe, and some cheese, all seasoned with oil and vinegar (we are very boring people when it comes to seasonings the salads, here. It’s oil and vinegar, maybe pumpkin seed oil & vinegar, and maybe balsamic vinegar instead of usual apple one…

Now, to snacks; I like those cardboard-y rise waffles, or corn waffles, the crunchy thingies. I love them if they are coated with chocolate or yogurt !

Than there is nuts and dried fruit; I have a container where I mix dried bananas (sweet but cheap as hell, most others I find terrible expensive, so I use them moderately) and a mixture of dried nuts. Love that!

I often bring a yogurt or some similar thingy in a container; nothing very healthy, like low-sugar-low-fat things. I like creamy ones with delicious flavors.

I sometimes bake a desert from my “plum torte” recipe – mostly with any other fruit but plums – rhubarb, apples, pears, peaches…And have a few peaches of that during the day.

I try to bring more fruit and eat it. But it’s messy. And I am convinced fruit helps your digestion, and I do not need any further help there. Now that it’s summer and there will be more fruit around, I’ll try to be better!!

Chocolate. In any form.

I drink about a litter of water or fruit juice during my 8 hour shift.

All I can say is, my eating habits got turned 180 degrees around! So far, so god!



Yes, I am still alive, thankyouverymuch.


Reasonably healthy (spring allergies and a stupid cold that prevented me from wearing foundation for 2 weeks now! I am so going to buy some tinted moisturizer tomorrow!) and very happy with my job, no love life existing so far, reading is going so-so, I have been into rereads for the last few weeks, also in gardening books, suspense and some not very impressive audio books.

Very unhappy about the stupid cold weather, but it kept me from having to spend on spring clothes (I was close to tears the last time i went shopping. Nothing for. Nothing! AND I seemed to lost touch with fashion; I like colorful and just a touch different clothes. All I seemed to find were this very baggy/loose stuff that I don’t know how to wear, or slutty clothes. I DID get a knit dress that I adore, and a  skirt that is perfect, just what I was looking for. So not all bad, but still, I dread the next time I go shopping.

I can’t wait for my friend to give birth, she even let me touch her belly (no, it’s not a “duh” think, you have to ask in a way so she is comfortable saying no. It’s her body. )but the baby was not cooperating, he/she didn’t want to kick when asked.

Most of my garden is planted, I even got some fancy eco/bio humus, so it better comes out looking like it’s on steroids!

I got into candy crush craze.

I adore my haircut.I don’t think I ever loved it as much as I love it! (it’s layered ombre, s I can wear it naturally or loosely curled), I just REALLY need to stop saying it and just go and buy a larger curler.

I desperately need to lean how to create a C shape around my eyes. I am blaming  it on my eye shape, but I think that having no artistic talent may have something to do with it.

I LOVE love love love my gel nails.


That will be all.

I’ll be back when…I’ll be back. I am still here, I just use my free time vegging instead of writing stuff nobody reads.

Have fun!