Traveling jitters

Yep, I’m alive, I just didn’t have a writing bug.


Work is great, Ive bought some makeup and not a lot of clothes, read a lot in my language and listened to some audio books…And that is about it for an update.


But tomorrow morning, I’m traveling for a week. By car. With family. That is the least stressful option.


I will be getting my period in the midst of it, not good; or maybe the stress will keep it at bay, I am soooo hoping that will happen! It’s usually not a huge deal for me, but last month, it was terrible, I had to leave work. So Let’s hope I’ll survive it.

Not really sure why I am nervous. Because I just am when traveling, and me nervous means lot’s of visits to the toilet. Not good when you don’t have a base but just cruise around.


I am pretty much packed, I am mostly bringing my pretty clothes because taking lot’s of pics means you have to try to look good in them. Weather will be great, and I’ll be hopefully meeting a never.seen-before online friend!

I am a lot scared about eating gluten free, because I do not speak the language, so I’ll try to stick with what s naturally GF, and hope for the best.


I really hope nothing goes wrong! It doesn’t have to be perfect, just OK. I’ll be happy with that.


I don’t get the whole “visualization” thing. I am much more comfortable imagining the worst possible situation and coming up with possible solutions, than thinking only positive and then things go wrong, and I am disappointed and panicky.


So. Gulp. Full panic mode, here.