This is my 600th hundredth? hundrieth? post!


Technology is having fun with me & what’s been up

First, my cell died. I got it back, works fine now, but my hopes aren’t high that it’s really fixed.

Than my computer died. Like, just like that! I didn’t even get the chance to save anything!! I was bemoaning the loss of 7 years worth of pictures and all my books…The documents are mostly on my email, my way of saving them – but I really need to figure out a better way to store the pics!

Anyhow; I got the computer back, what was wrong was fixed, but the internet wasn’t working. I wasn’t overly worried, just thought it was a bad connection and went to the seaside for 5 days.

I had a lot of fun, heard tons of stories about relatives (I love that), swam, saw friends, great time!

When I came back and wanted to do stuff on the computer, it just wasn’t working; it wouldn’t connect to the internet, and the speakers weren’t working.

I blamed it on bad connection, than switched position of the computer so it was a better position in regards to the modem…Nothing. I was on my moms laptop, so I wasn’t completely cut of, but I wanted MY computer!! I asked my geek (in the best way possible) friends, and we discovered that my wireless card probably died. So i went and bought a wireless USB Key. Than, because he offered and I was afraid something else might be at fault, I waited for 3 more days for our neighbour to come by and fix it…Untill my uncle, another comp whizz, drove by and I hailed him. It took 3 minutes and now I am online again!!

naturally I rearranged my whole desk again, hoping I can place it the way it was, but sadly no, it has to be the new way…That meant rearranging everything around 3 times! After everything was in place, I tried googling something…and discovered my keypad is not working! ARRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!

Since it worked on my brothers PC, I turned it off and on and thank god, it was working again!! In the same minute I fixed something on my phone that was bugging me for the last 3 weeks 🙂


The connection is a little iffy, sometimes great sometimes slow, and I can’t yet say what it does to you tube and such, because  I don’t have sound yet. A friend is looking into that, maybe I can find something on the web and fix that.


On top of that, mom is on vacation and according to her, that means she gets to do nothing. I mean, she makes lunch and stuff, but we had to bully her into cleaning out the cellar (a task we were postponing for the last 10 years!!) and such.

Driving me nuts, being under supervision 24/7 !! Just to brag (and whine) I haven’t smoked in 6 days.

What is weird is, that my room is just as hot and the air is just as bad. So I don’t feel half as bad about it anymore!!


I am long the Olympic games, I am following everything I can, I just love it!!


I have to do a haul post, because I’ve been to Sephora (suffered a little seizure at seeing the prices!!) and a a friend brought me Pixiwoo brushes! So happy!!!


That is it; the secret of my non-posting revealed – no computer /internet, me not at home;  frustration over parents expressed, brag told, happiness shared.

Gb loves you :)

And here are two love related articles, to keep with the topic of the day! Link, link.


I  got something from my momma, like always…And a note from a friend. Happy with it, BUT hoping it gets better in the upcoming years!! Prince on the white horse, please come out of hiding!!

This is my 500th post!

I would promise to write better, but I can’t; and as in better, I mean longer, more juicy sentences (grammatically, and ok, the topics could be more interesting too, but I live a boring life), grammatically better structured etc etc.

Now that I have told all that is bad, I will also say that I am ok with it. If I would say I am  happy, I would lie, because I do not put enough  effort into it to call it that. This is my sorta diary, and it seems this way because nobody talks back to me, too…See what I mean with grammatically better sentences? (and this was supposed to be a paragraph of positive things. I ain’t good with that 🙂   )

So. Happy 500th!

Rainy days

Still alive; just didn’t feel like blogging. Sorry.


Going to get my hair cut tomorrow, yeeey!!


Quince jam -making off – coming this sunday, I promise!

If I ever suddenly stop posting…

…it means I forgot the password. I have all my passwords automatically saved (should I be admitting that publicly??) because most are a variation of the same, so if I ever have to retype it, there is a major possibility that I won’t ever get it right.

Just wanted to put it out there.

Not in the zone

Just so you know why I am so silent this week  – I don’t feel like blogging, plus I am watching my way through The biggest loser.

Hope you all have  a nice day 🙂

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